Garden 2011 All Pictures
Tomatoes Cumbers and Chillies Runner Beans
Spuds in 19th April

Cabbage parsnip swede and Onion seed in 19th April

Grapes on Pergola 19th April (second year)
Tomatoes Cucumbers Chilies and beans in on 19th April
Runner beans in on
Spuds on
Grapes these did not disappoint this year

2011-06-30 I Actually have had some time amongst the rest of the stuff that needs doing to plant some stuff in the garden. I have decided it will be cheaper for me to be on a water meter so I have set up a rain water collection system so I can water my potatoes for free. I feel this is very important while the spud are forming and growing. As far as I am concerned it improves the crop and prevents splitting and hollow heart. Any way the capacity is 2200Litre at present with room to double it if I need to. I guess this year will show me. I put the spuds in on 19th April and the parsnips cabbage swede and onion seed went in on the 20th. I tried onion seed for the first time in years however they were old seed and I am not expecting much.

2011-09-09 The Onion and swede seed failed to germinate I have thrown the seed away. The cabbages have done well the parsnips look good and I have been eating potatoes for ages. I have removed the haulm about 2 weeks ago as it was dying back. (no blight) I have not yet lifted them I am still to busy but from the ones I have lifted to eat the crop does look good. My Grapes have grown tremendously one of the three more that the others and one not that well. BUT I have grapes they could use a little more sunshine to sweeten but they are actually edible now. I will get the picture on here soon but they can be seen in the all pictures link at the top.