Big Fridge

So Why Bother?... Some time ago I had just got my PVs on line and was producing electric that I used to run the lights and the fridge-freezer and my old chest freezer. I had worked out that my chest freezer was using about 3 kWh per day the panels produced about 2kWh on a GOOD day The location at the old house was not ideal... Things were never going to work... A new A rated energy efficient freezer was required. So I bought one... What do I do with the old one...

Every year I grow veg including potatoes every year around February/March the ones I have not eaten start to spurt go soft and I chuck them away... I hate waste... Commercial growers store their potatoes in a HUGE chilled potato store. This is what I needed... yes you guessed it I converted the old freezer into a big fridge. Since then the old freezer compressor has died and I have bought a new freezer and use the not so old one as the big fridge. with some design changes i.e. the temperature control is entirely separate to the freezer and therefore ANY freezer can be plugged into it and run as a fridge. No more modifying old freezers just plug it in...

The freezer converted to a fridge in our "Freezer room" with the real freezer on it's right.
The heart of the conversion a Digital Thermostat it can be set to any pretty much any required temperature below ambient. I have found the spuds keep well with it set to switch the compressor on at 5C with a hysterisis of 2C. Switches off at 3C
Last years spuds are in the bottom and it's APRIL. And yes Susie discovered it and it filled it with of all sorts of stuff that doesn't fit in the house fridge. It also makes a Damn good beer fridge when we have a party I've seen it FULL! but it wasn't for long.