KDW243 Dishwasher No Error Code or E4
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This problem manfested itself after I removed the upper dish tray to clean the runners as they were sticking I replaced the tray at the wrong height. If you change the height you are supposed to adjust the rotating washer nossel thingy to mate properly with the delivery pipe at the rear of the dishwasher. I ran a Swill cycle as it was not full nor likely to be till tomorrow. On opening it the next day it was full of water. The lights were on but it would not respond to any of the control buttons nor did it display an error code...(there was nobody home)

In order to investigate this problem I followed the steps listed below Remember however should you choose to repeat this exercise what ever you do, you do at your own risk and I accept no blame or liability :-
KDW243 Isolator Switch

Switch off and isolate the Dishwasher the switch above your worktop is ok for this as long as you don't have kids or a wife looking to cash you in by turning it on while your working. Any doubt then remove the fuse...

Unload the dishwasher and do the chuffing washing up this stack of crap should have done for you. May be get the wife to do it... be sure to mention the size of her feet are just right for the job. (If you do you had better remove the fuse)
Empty the residual water in the bottom of the unit.
KDW243 Unit Door Fixings
Remove Kitchen Unit door front, there are two screws at bottom by hinge. Then slide door up, you can only do this with the door open a bit. Then when bottom of door pops out and away from the dishwasher slide down and remove.
Remove the kicking board below dishwasher and kitchen units. It usually just pulls out but your on your own here and it's YOUR fault not mine.
Remove the two fixing screws under the work top and at the top of the machine assunming they are fitted they are not on mine.
KDW432 Adustable feet
Lower the dishwasher using the front and rear adjustable feet.
Carefully slide the dishwasher out from under the worktop ensureing the cable, water feed pipe and waste water pipe are not damaged again it's your fault not mine...
KDW RHS panel
Most of the gubbins is accessed by removing the RHS panel there are a total of 11 screws (see picture for locations).
KDW243 RHS Panel removed
Once removed at the botton you will see overflow tray that catches the water from (yes) an overflow the two pumps waste nearest you and washer pump buried much deeper to the right .
KDW432 Overflow Tray
ENSURE YOU HAVE ISOLTED THE SUPPLY. Towards the rear of the machine you will see there is a depression in the catchment tray around the washer pump if this is full of water the unit SHOULD show an E4 Error but in this case DID NOT. remove ALL the water.
KDW432 Lean it over
Whe you think you have removed all the water lean the unit towards you and do it again.
KDW432 Drying  it out
When you have done that dry it with a hair dryer... Yes you'll regret it if you don't.. I did...
Once it's dry Level it up and try it before you put it back together. BE VERY CAREFUL as there will be exposed LIVE wires. DO NOT put you hand inside it.while truned on If it runs a couple of times without problem it's fixed. If not look for the leak. Good luck.