Stone Lintel for Fireplace
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Original gas fire
The Stone as I bought (Leominster reclamation) Very nice weathered colouring but there was two patches on the front face that were the original stone gray the face uppermost. I would have like to have kept the weathered look but in the end I decided to reface it so there would at least be some consistency in the colouring. Before I refaced it I tried washing bleaching and some nasty acidic brick cleaner and wire brushing it... all a waste of time. So...
Refacing the stone
I refaced it the only way I could think of that would do it carefully and evenly. A belt sander with 80 grit carborundum paper. Took for ever mainly because I was hoping to do the minimum damage to the weathered colouring in the end i had to go the distance and just reface it. I guess I removed about 2-3mm all over. This is the front face being done. I tested the idea on the back first...
Washing off
After about 15mins sanding in order to se what it looks like you have to wash it off beside my back was killing me after 15mins. Then to see it properly you have to let it dry off, another 15-20 min's. I needed the rest believe me. Then see what it looks like and carry on like that till your happy.
Front face getting there
After some considerable effort it starts to look like you are actually doing something...
The complicated bit
The complicated bit the front bevel especially the bits either end of it trying to keep it looking even was not easy but as long as you remove the same amount all over you stand a good chance.
Cutting the back of the stone
In order to fit the stone into the fireplace I had to cut the back of the stone as shown. This was done with a 9 inch disc cutter. It was not big enough so I had to cut from both sides. Never makes a good job that way, but I was not going to see it so bugger it.
Side faces
Yes every face except the back had to be done...
Bottom face
The bottom face was the largest and longest to do but by now I have got the hang of it. DO NOT be afraid to change to a NEW belt it cost money but hell does it cut better.
All done at last
All done at last...