Workshop Doorway
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I needed a new doorway between the workshop on the right and the freezer room on the left. This would allow me to get from the house via the canopy and freezer room to the workshop without going outside and getting wet. A small point I grant you but it seemed like a good idea when I moved in 2004 and 4 years later it still does so it's done now and yes it still seems like a good idea. I had never done a door before and Clive had he volunteered to help and ended up doing all of it. Nice Chap... ok mate ;-)
In order to get the hole to put the door frame in you have to use a disc cutter. These thing make a hell of a lot of very fine dust that will even if you sheet up as we did it will still find a way through so behind individually sheet up anything you don't want covered in dust.
The wall workshop side
The wall freezer room side
Clive togged up
You have to wear protective clothing for this the dust and the noise both will harm you. Clive is wearing this years line in disposable coverall resperator and goggles there are earplugs too.
Cutting starts
That a 9" disc cuttter Clive is useing and no it was not big enough to cut all the way through. BUGGER.
the dust
More dust
Drill through
As the cutter was not big enough we drilled thorugh from the side we'd cut to give marker holes to guide the cutting on the other side of the wall. The results are never perfect but much better than guessing or measureing.
Cut out first brick
We started lower down as there is only two bricks above the door frame as the ceiling is low. Cutting the first bricks out in hard work lots of heavy blows on the bolster chistle and we did not want to loosen the brick above the frame. We cut out one brick to start then expanded up and out till you have cut all the way across the door width. and to the top. Then supporting the top bricks knock out the rest.
Offer door frame
Slip the frame in. and fix with drill through fixings.
Offer Door
Mark door frame
Cut Hinge recess
Hang Door
Mark and cut lock recess
Fit Cheeks round door frame
Fill with foam
Fit Cheeks other side
Job Done