Drive Gates
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This was broken off at the bottom and unsafe. The gap between them was only just big enough to get my car through. The wonderfull council had changed the white H outside my gates to double yellow lines, the stripey hat crowd were getting uppity and issuing tickets even on the H so it was time to sort the gates.
All I had to do was push it over not an easy task I admit. Then clean up the foundation.
Leveling the foundations
Then dig a knew foundation so the gates were slightly wider and I could get my car in. Yes that is the gas pipe to my house. No it is not 18 inches down. It is only ever 18 inches down if you dig the hole yourself. If they did it they cut corners and lie. When I bought the house the chap who had put the for sale sign up found this pipe and put a hole in it with the for sale sign. So I knew it was there and took care not to damage it. I put a plastic pipe around it before laying my new foundation.
The slabs
New foundation done and new pillar started. This is my step son Lee doing the brickwork and a fine job too.
post Holes
The audience is Em and her boyfriend Darren.
post Holes
The old pillar may have been broken off at the bottom but the rest of it was damn solid and took a fair bit of work to break up.
post Holes
Even Rob lent a hand.
post Holes
Always time for a beer.
post Holes
Placing the capping stone.
post Holes
Brickwork all done...