Rain Water Collection
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Old Gutter
The guttering and facia on my sheds was not at all good it wasn't special when i moved in so it needed to be replaced. I had been given by my good friend Mike Lee some IBCs for my 50th Birthday (three years ago) to create water collection system and had not yet got round to doing it. It was now time. This is the back of workshop/freezer-room showing the old guttering and facia and one of the two IBCs ready to collect water.
Old Gutter
The old guttering on the "I don't know what the fuck to do it it shed" (long story cut short when we moved in if we did not know where to put it went in here) and mechanical workshop. The centre pillar supporting the roof and two of the doors was rotten and needed replacing.
Old Gutter
Old guttering on the gameing room. Where me and the lads play computer games eat curry and drink beer.
Lash up
At the beginning of the year I had decided this job was on this years list. But I also had decided I needed to be on a water meter. Since I had installed my own water meters and watched what I had used and how I had used it, House or workshop/garden. It Turns out even watering my potatoes I could save money. But if I got this system up and running I'd save a shedload. So to water the garden I lashed up the system off just the w/s, canopy and some of the house. so I could start the seasons watering on rain water and set about the proper job. The small tank is a separation tank. Stuff sinks and stuff floats I take the water from the middle.
Nw Facia
First up was the gaming room itwas in the worst shape both facia and guttering. I nearly used that nice plastic stuff, but this is a shed FFS and that would have cost a fortune. So I used OSB treated both sides with Cuprinol and exterior garden woodwork paint (black). That is Jon he turned up for a coffee and was seconded. DevilThat'll learn 'im
New Gutter
Gaming room done. I left the old downpipe form the old guttering as it goes to a soakaway and I did not want to loose the entrance to it.
Roof Support
The IDKWTFTDWI Shed and Mechanical worshop was next as it drains into the same tank. But before that could be done the roof support needed to be replaced.
New Roof Support
I replaced the structural part with steel Angle and then fixed wood to it to screw all the doors to.
New Gutter
That done, I replaced the guttering on these sheds.
Tank #2
Both gaming room and IDKWTFTDWI shed and Mechanical workshop all drain to the second IBC through another settlement tank.
I started repainting the doors but only actually completed one. I had more pressing stuff to do.
Next I did the electronic workshop/freezer room. Will have to sort out a photo of that it seems.
Settlement Tank
Inside one of the settlement tanks.
Well collecting the stuff is ok but you have to move it to where you want it and under pressure. This is the pump I used.
Pump insitu
The pump in place and working. You can see the Accululator (pop bottle) pressure switch and non return valve. I agree the electrics do need to be sorted
intertank pipe
Connecting the two tanks together is as you can see still a tad Heath Robinson but in time maybe.
Tank #2
The tanks overflow to the origianl soak aways.
Level Guage  
I do of course want to know how much water I have in the tanks and want it reported to my computer system and on the web.This is the level indicator. It's a weight and a weighted float that floats on top of the water adjusting a ten turn pot as the level changes. The voltage from the pot is read by and ADC.