Canopy Extension
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Old Canopy
I have had the canopy for two years very soon after finishing it I regreted not building the wall at the end of the freezer room and extending the canopy to the end of it. So I had the wall built. I left the chap to do it and offered no guidance BIG MISTAKE. He totaly fucked it up. It was not level , it fell by 30mm over 1.5m and the pillar at the end was not tied in properly. I sulked for a week then took an sds drill with chisel attchment to it and took it down.
I tried myself only to be reminded that I am a crap bricky. I got another chap to do it. I did all the leveling myself told him exactly what I wanted and he did it. Wonderful... As you can see here I put the wall plate on top much like the first bit.
Leveling the foundations
I took the end plastic down carefully as I was going to reuse it moved the horizontal bar to the new position added a new Joist and extra cross pieces.
The slabs
Slapped some more plastic on top and the job was done.
post Holes
As you can see when it rains it is dry to the end of the wall and there is room for 10 people to sit at tables and BBQ even when it heaving down Yippy